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blog 3

Blog 3: Global Issues to Be Solved

The 20 Global Issues that is affecting our planet are:
1. Global Warming/ Climate Change 2. Biodeiversity and Ecosystem Losses
3. Fisheries Depletion 4. Deforestation
5. Water Deficits 6. Maritime Safety and Pollution
7. Massive Step-Up in the Fight against Poverty 8. Peacekeeping, Conflict Prevention
Combating Terrorism.
9. Education For All 10.Global Infectious Disease
11. Digital Divide 12.Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
13.Reinventing Taxation for the 21st Century 14. Biotechnology Rules
15. Global Financial Archtitecture 16. Illgeal Drugs
17. Trade, Investment, and copmpetition Rules 18. Intellecual Property Rights
19. E- Commerce Rules 20. Internation Labor and Migration

1. Global Warming is when the world builds up an ozone layer that traps the heat, this is bad beause it will melt the ice and will flood our countries.
2. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Loss is when ecosystems and biodiversity is lost becuase of human interactions to the enivronment
3. Fisheries Depletion is when too many fish are being caught for food and money, this is bad because catching too many may affect the food chain and

ruin the ecosystem.
4. Deforestation is when people burn forests down to get more land to be used for human homes and lands.
5. Water Deficitis is when the water is polluted
6. Maritime Safety and Pollution is to take care of the sea's cleaness and that it is safe fo
r ships to sail on.
7. Massive Step-Up in a Fight Against Poverty
8. Peacekeeping is when countries want to keep peace
9. Education for all is to let everyone be able to learn
10. Global Infectious Disease is when a strong disease or virus wipes out a population, which can also mean the whole world. But some people may survive because they are immune to it.
11. Digital Divide is when we seperate people into 2 groups, a group which has a lot of technology and online informative resources and another group which has no digital technology or online resources.
12. Natural Disaster Prevention is when humans try to prevent natural disasters from happening

blog 2

Blog 2: Investigation

We can use the internet to discover and solve problems about the world. To discuss the problems and find solutions with others around the world we can have flat classroom conferences.
To let the world know about the world we can use RSS feeds to always get information and get it updated. When this happens, we can use many things to raise awarenesss on that problem such as using piczo, wikispaces, blogger to make websites about the problem, we can also make groups that support the problems on social community websites such as facebook, messenger. You can also create informative emails and send it to your friends and they can send it to more and more friends and it can end going around the world.
I can make use of the online tools by using them such as using facebook, to make a group and send around to friends, ask them to join and send it around.
The best online tools are facebook, since numbers of many people use and just sending it to one person can make it end up going around the world. We can also use i'm such as skype, msn, yahoo, aol, gtalk. These are also i'm websites that we can use to have conferences these can be vocal or word conferences were many people can talk at once and chat with each other. Blogger, piczo and wikispaces is also a good tool to use to make informative websites that everyone can see. You can also make videos with pictures and music using ANIMOTO, and many people around the world can watch it. The last tool that we can use is VOICE THREAD, it is a website which allows you to make a video, with only pictures, but you can add your voice and words. You cna use this to make informative videos to describe the problem, and it can be showed in a presentation or viewed around the world by many.

























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this is the design cycle we use this in DT,IT,ST this our guideline for each of our projects like Baby mobiles or creating a robot to do something